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Signs of distress in water are incredibly difficult to detect early , even to a trained lifeguard. As such, NEPTUNE aims to detect early signs of distress or danger in water, dramatically increasing vital response time.

We aim to achieve early detection of swimmers at risk to increase vital response time.

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Making the cyber world a safer place for SMEs


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Our aim is to secure all SMEs against cyber attacks. Driven by data, we understand and educate each business on an individual basis and make recommendations that will offer the most value to their business. We also know that when it comes to cyber attacks, it’s a matter of when, not if, so we include an insurance product as standard to our offering. This insurance policy has been designed for the SME market with the capability to be tailored to each customer.


We are creating a marketplace that gives Singapore drivers the benefit of being able to get prices from repairers through a guided photo capture capability. This allows repairers to reach a wider pool of customers and facilitate market price transparency.

Carrem is Singapore’s
car repair market reimagined


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Movd is a platform
that predicts the safest
route in real-time.



movd combines public and private road hazard data with machine learning to understand the causes of dangers on the road and predict their occurrence on Singapore roads in real time.

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CloudBench is an open-source project under development that aims to automate the data engineering work that data scientists require to support their experiments.

IAG Firemark’s CloudBench project was awarded the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) Proof of Concept (POC) grant on 19-Sep-2019. The FSTI POC grant provides funding support for experimentation, development and dissemination of nascent innovative technologies in the financial services sector.

Download our whitepaper to learn how CloudBench aims to accelerate data discovery and analytics.

CloudBench enables Data Scientists in SMEs to be cloud natives from Day One.

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