We make your world a safer place


We do this by shaking up the industry with disruptive technologies that challenge the norm. Our experimental nature means we discover ways to problem-solve using the latest products and solutions, accelerating the launch of new start-ups and ground- breaking businesses into the competitive market, fast.


Here at Firemark Labs, we are always experimenting with new ideas. The nature of what we do means we are comfortable with failure, we have to be, because many of these ideas never develop further than a fun concept we played around with for a week or two. Some do however, hit on something important and some of those even graduate into new products or even businesses. We want to tell you about one or two of our favourites… well, favourites so far that is…



Making the cyber world a safer place for SMEs


Neptune Ocean

We aim to achieve early detection of swimmers at risk to increase vital response time.



CloudBench enables Data Scientists in SMEs to be cloud natives from Day One.

Our Accelerator will lay the foundation for InsurTech+: a growing segment of startups with deep technology expertise, rich data assets and innovative solutions that all have the potential to shape the future of insurance.

Firemark Accelerate is an open collaboration model between B2B startups and insurance industry leaders from Australia, New Zealand and the wider ASEAN market. It is aimed to attract startups focused on solving problems for the insurance industry in a structured Accelerator programme that is startup first and founder-friendly.


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